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Cosmos Verlag:
Full control at all times


Successful editorial work - independent of location and time, even during the COVID-19 lockdown phase.


Publishing house with a longstanding tradition


Cosmos Verlag is an almost 100-year-old family business from Bern in Switzerland. As a classic specialist publishing house, Cosmos primarily publishes printed works on the subjects of tax, law and economics and supplements these with digital offers and events.


Unification of production


Different products, different processes, different partners: in the past, the production of publications such as Steuer Revue and Zoll Revue was inconsistent and strongly influenced by the cooperation with external partners and their editorial systems.

With the desire to bring full control of the core process of value creation in-house and also to publish content in different channels with minimal manual effort - multichannel publishing - Cosmos Verlag decided to implement its own editorial system.


Media-neutral contents


After a first contact with the topic at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the technical background, the separation of content and layout, was known. Due to the complexity of the topic and the profound changes - technical, cultural and structural - Cosmos Verlag decided to go this way together with a local partner, Edupartner AG.

On the part of the management, this process was communicated openly and transparently to all employees and thus Xpublisher for Learning Content was successfully implemented in only 3 months. During this phase, the company worked pragmatically and directly on a concrete product: Employees had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new processes without fear of contact and also to understand why processes that had been in place for years had to be changed. After successful implementation, not only were all participants convinced by the new solution, but the latest edition of Steuer Revue was also ready for publication.

It was very important to show the benefit and also the way how one wants to achieve this benefit (...)

Marc Aeberli, CEO Cosmos


Business as usual - even during lockdown


The collaborative, centralized work on content was seen as extremely positive. The entire team can now concentrate on one article, finalize it together and move on to the next article. Step by step, a product can be created and published together.

Especially during the time of COVID-19-related curfews, the centralization of all data in combination with location-independent access to the editorial system brought another advantage: production could continue unhindered. While many publishers had to accept massive restrictions in productivity, Cosmos Verlag was "business as usual" - although from the home office. A model that will also be possible for Cosmos Verlag in the future due to the consistently positive experiences. Managing Director Marc Aeberli also sees the situation as an opportunity to question and adapt own processes and possibly even develop an innovative product or business model. Xpublisher for Learning Content will definitely provide support in this process.

Key Takeaways

  • Complete implementation within 3 months.
  • Also suitable for smaller companies.
  • Improves collaboration.
  • Ideal basis for the future.

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