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Multichannel-Publishing with Xpublisher

Easily prepare your content for multichannel publishing

The Xpublisher editorial system organizes every piece of content – regardless of how it will be used later – to provide fast, error-free, and highly cost-effective multichannel digital and print publishing. Preparing your content for a variety of formats and channels couldn’t be easier.

“Content First” outshines “Print First”

The proliferation of new, innovative media poses a challenge to publishers and media companies alike when it comes to producing content in multiple formats and publishing it on several different channels. Xpublisher takes a “content first” approach to creating and managing all content and its associated assets. Content creation with Xpublisher is achieved in a fully media-neutral format that isn’t publication channel-specific. Once it’s been generated and organized centrally, every asset is at your fingertips and ready to be published on a multitude of channels.

Xpublisher manages the documents in Word or in XML format in the background. Authors don’t need to have special technical skills and can edit documents intuitively using Xeditor, the integrated XML editor. As a result, you free up precious time to focus solely on creating high-quality editorial content.

Automated book and magazine production

Design magazines and books in no time at all thanks to the integrated production planning feature. You define the size, the columns and sections, the number of pages per printed sheet, and the space reserved for advertisements. Elaborate production steps can be semi- or fully automated using InDesign Server or PrintCSS. Xpublisher maintains a collection of predefined layout templates that you can configure individually to meet your specific needs. 

The workflow engine displays the current production progress. This means that your content as well as the current status can be viewed and controlled conveniently any time.

Export to Digital Channels

One piece of content, multiple channels. Use this intelligent publishing solution to create and store your assets centrally. In a single step, you can publish your content in print media as well as digitally on websites, apps, and social media thanks to the integrated interface. With Xpublisher, you have the freedom to target the channel that supports your content most effectively.