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Professional media asset management

Manage your media assets centrally, web-based and intuitively

Assets such as images, videos, and graphics play a pivotal role at publishing houses and media companies, but in many cases, they’re scattered across multiple servers. As a result, managing those media assets and working together as a team becomes unwieldy and time-consuming. Xpublisher provides a centralized, web-based repository that works seamlessly with your desktop applications to simplify media asset management.

Structured Asset Organization

This online editorial system includes integrated media asset management that supports all file formats and can generate previews and convert images. Metadata for new images, including information such as author and copyright, is entered automatically when the images are added.

An easy-to-use filter and search system based on full-text search and intuitive keyword indexing guarantees speedy and efficient access to your assets. What’s more, Xpublisher lets you store metadata independently and strategically. Labels help you organize and categorize your assets so you can locate them rapidly.

You can duplicate images in Xpublisher as often as you like and perform additional editing. With multiple variations of each photo, you’ll have more time to focus on content and publishing.

Seamless Editing

Edit your media assets with a single click straight from the web browser in your existing desktop applications. Your photos open in Photoshop, PDF content opens in Acrobat Reader, and documents open in Microsoft Word.

Any changes you make are logged and automatically reflected online in Xpublisher as soon as you save them. This way, your team always has access to the most up-to-date files available. Review any and all corrections and restore older versions easily whenever you need to.

Import large Files

With Xpublisher, you can import your files effortlessly. Even very large volumes can be transferred quickly and easily to the editorial system. And Xpublisher automatically detects duplicates.

Batch processing means you can comfortably handle a large number of assets simultaneously, managing them efficiently and saving valuable time.