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Magazine Production with Xpublisher

Magazine Production and Publishing with Xpublisher

Xpublisher is the solution for semi- or fully-automated journal and magazine production. Even layout-intensive projects can be edited easily thanks to a direct connection to Adobe InDesign. Any changes you make are automatically reflected online in Xpublisher the moment you save them. Discover the benefits of flawless multichannel publishing with a content-centric approach.

Layout-oriented Page Planning

Experience clearly structured and efficient magazine production with Xpublisher’s conveniently integrated page planning tool. You specify the size, the columns and sections, the number of pages per printed sheet, and the space reserved for advertisements. The preview displays the current production status.

The InDesign templates maintained in Xpublisher guide you smoothly through the planning and assembly stage of your magazines. It’s as simple as assigning content, created in Word or XML format, to your InDesign templates, which you can then manage in Xpublisher. 

They create the perfect foundation for semi- or fully-automated production of complex, high-quality layouts.

Semi-automated Production

For layout-intensive magazines, you can work comfortably on your InDesign documents with a single click, straight from your web browser. A seamless integration with Adobe InDesign means that all changes you make are updated automatically online in Xpublisher as you save them.

Creating templates in InDesign leverages familiar standard features like tagging and format mapping. The templates registered in Xpublisher enable a high degree of automation.

You can edit the images directly in Photoshop or other similar programs. Working with your favorite familiar desktop tools reduces your training time dramatically so you’ll be up to speed in no time at all.

Dynamic Magazine Design

Xpublisher lets you pursue a “content-first” strategy. This editorial system manages all your content and assets in a way that is completely media-independent, and keeps them strictly separate from the publication channel. Once it’s been created and centrally organized, your content is ready for output in digital and print formats.

Xpublisher lets you maximize your options for content repurposing even as you continue to develop new, innovative products.

Key Benefits

  • Clear and efficient production of journals and magazines.

  • Direct connection to Adobe InDesign.

  • Automated production based on predefined layout templates via InDesign Server or PrintCSS.

  • Maximize reuse of your content through "content first".

Professional XML-Publishing

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