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Book Produktion with Xpublisher

Book Production with Xpublisher

Whether you choose semi- or fully-automated publishing for your books, Xpublisher’s integrated professional production planning feature serves as the ideal foundation. And it’s easy to make changes to the layout retroactively with InDesign. With its high degree of automation, this editorial system delivers fast, error-free content production – for digital and for print.

Structured Book Planning

Xpublisher’s integrated production planning functionality streamlines your book production process to make it clearer and easier to manage. You can organize your typeset manuscript into chapters and enrich each individual piece of content with metadata, assign it to the book, and structure it accordingly.

Using predefined layout templates, the production process runs automatically in the background via InDesign Server or PrintCSS. Xpublisher’s automated typesetting hits its target quality up to 95% of the time. A ready-to-print PDF file is the final result.

For more layout-intensive books, editors using InDesign Server can make any final typesetting tweaks and modifications conveniently and flexibly. Every change you make is automatically updated online in Xpublisher as you save it. With Xpublisher, the proofreading process is entirely digitalized – it doesn’t get more efficient than that.

Automated Index Generation

Generating chapters and indexes for your publications is simple and automated with Xpublisher. The production planning tool also performs numbering automatically.

Xpublisher not only makes it easy and efficient to produce content, it also gives you the flexibility to share, publish, and promote your content using multiple media formats simultaneously. That means that you can publish your manuscripts both in analog and in digital form. Xpublisher supports export to popular eBook formats such as EPUB, Mobipocket, and Amazon Kindle, and includes interfaces to le-tex transpect and parsX.

Publishing Previews

Xpublisher provides a broad range of options for preparing content in different formats. For one, with the help of the page planning tool, you can create publishing previews fully automatically.

Instead of content assets, you simply incorporate individual projects – enriched with bibliographic information such as ISBN numbers or barcodes – right into your page layout. You can also generate the projects on the basis of the metadata stored in the system. You can even add a backlist in Xpublisher with a single click.

Key Benefits

  • Production planning as the basis for partially or fully automated publication of books.

  • Fast and error-free output to digital and print.

  • Automated production based on predefined layout templates via InDesign Server or PrintCSS.

  • Derive to popular eBook formats such as EPUB, Mobipocket or Amazon Kindle.

Professional XML-Publishing

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