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Professionalize your workflow management

Xpublisher’s professional workflow management gives you the tools you need to digitalize complex workflows throughout your company – and puts the focus squarely on your team. Based on the BPMN standard, Xpublisher’s workflow engine is the core building block of this content management system. Its straightforward configuration supports a broad range of work steps, automates your processes, and boosts collaboration among your staff.

A Focus on Teamwork

Complicated, time-consuming processes compromise your productivity. Harness Xpublisher’s integrated workflow engine to simplify and control your workflows for maximum efficiency. The ability to assign content and tasks digitally translates into added flexibility that simplifies and optimizes the work within your teams and encourages location-independent cooperation, even across departments.

A personalized worklist – your very own to-do list – gives you an instant overview of all your pending tasks, together with the status of the overall process. Say goodbye to tedious coordination by e-mail, manual task distribution, and never-ending approval processes.

Automated Processes

The workflow engine takes care of performance-intensive and time-consuming processes for you. Book and magazine production, for instance, runs automatically in the background. Once it’s finished, the workflow engine reviews the result and initiates additional follow-up actions based on the quality. The system also converts images and tags them automatically after they’ve been uploaded.

In Xpublisher, processes can run in series or in parallel, and can be triggered automatically or manually through user input. A workflow diagram displays the current status. Use this process-driven approach to manage your team’s content creation and publishing processes sustainably.

Complete Configuration

Xpublisher lets users configure its integrated workflow engine right inside the program. You can define your own actions according to the BPMN standard and flexibly customize the work steps to match your requirements. What’s more, you can use predefined actions – including automatic notifications and duplicate checks for image uploads. You can even implement your own business logic.

Role- and user-based rights management guarantees that users can access the content and the files that have been shared with them in Xpublisher. With Xpublisher, assigning individual, personal authorizations is simple and hassle free.