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Xpublisher – Online XML Publishing


Manage and structure content and any additional digital assets efficiently with our online publishing system Xpublisher - for an easy publishing in all channels. The Adobe InDesign interface as well as the integrated page and book planning enable a partly or fully automated production of journals, books and technical documentation.




The integrated page and book planning enables a partly or fully automated print production. Layout-intensive documents can easily be edited thanks to a direct accessibility of Adobe InDesign. Modifications are automatically synchronized with Xpublisher through the bidirectional interface. 


Professional Workflow Management


The BPMN workflow engine controls all processes and the associated tasks, ensures a smooth exchange of content within the team and reduces the production time significantly.


Easy Content Creation


Xpublisher integrates Xeditor, our own online XML editor, for easy creation of structured content, which can be processed automatically, e. g. with regard to content uniformity or bibliographic consistency. The modern interface is similar to Word and allows real-time collaboration between authors and reviewers.


Professional XML Publishing


Xpublisher – your benefits

Central Content Management

Central Content Management

Xpublisher enables the central administration and control of content created with Xeditor, such as multilingual texts, and all externally supplied media assets, like graphics, photos or videos. Thanks to full text search and usage management, it is immediately apparent in which products these resources are used.

Easy Production Planning

Easy Production Planning

The professional page and book planning of Xpublisher is the basis for every print production. Publishing can either be fully automated with PrintCSS or all content is assigned to preconfigured Adobe® InDesignTM templates, so only the final touch is done manually. This content-first approach allows maximum efficiency in the entire product creation process.

Web-based Architecture

Web-based Architecture

Xpublisher is available online via any modern browser. Thanks to the clear user interface, all participants have a full overview of the current project status at all times and can work together on content – at any time and from anywhere in the world.

On-premises Administration

On-premises Administration

Xpublisher runs on-premises and is managed centrally by the IT department. Optionally, installation and update management also works via Docker containers.

Modular & Extendable Architecture

Modular & Extendable Architecture

Xpublisher offers a modern, robust architecture and the connection to third-party systems via integrated APIs. In addition, expansion modules such as Acrolinx or Edifix are available for adaptation to individual requirements.


Xpublisher - Start now

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Product demo

Convince yourself how easy it is to edit, manage and publish structured content with Xpublisher in a free product demo. 

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We are happy to set up our online publishing system for you, based on your current workflows and requirements.

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Integrate Xpublisher into your system environment. Our team of experts is ready to support you.

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Edit, manage and publish structured content and all other digital assets and enjoy all the benefits of Xpublisher, our online publishing system.

We are happy to support you in configuring Xpublisher and pass on our knowledge to you in training courses and seminars. Thanks to its open interfaces, Xpublisher can be quickly integrated into any system environment and configured for individual requirements.


Like what you see? Experience Xpublisher in a free live demo.

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