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Web-based XML editor

Take advantage of the benefits of web-based editing

Xeditor is a professional online XML editor based on state-of-the-art web standards. By enabling authors to work together on structured content from any location at any time, Xeditor helps companies put efficient workflows in place. What’s more, the web-based architecture means there’s no need for time-consuming local installations. 

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Edit Online and Offline

Once the software has been integrated into the corporate IT environment, authors can easily launch Xeditor from any current browser and begin creating their structured content – no matter what operating system they use. Thanks to its web-based approach, Xeditor can be used from virtually any location – even from your mobile device.

The XML content for editing is validated in the browser and cached automatically. That way, you can also work on the documents offline. When an online connection is available, Xeditor synchronizes the content back to the web server – so you can be sure that your changes are never lost, and you don’t have to go back in and add them retroactively. 

Central Integration and Maintenance

Unlike desktop editors, working with Xeditor doesn’t involve the hassle of separate installation on every single device. Instead, the XML editor is simply integrated into a web infrastructure and can be set up remotely in no time at all.

The company’s in-house IT department handles the day-to-day servicing for Xeditor, which translates into major savings in terms of maintenance time and costs. Updates and schema changes also take place remotely. That ensures that every author has access to the most up-to-date version of Xeditor at all times.

Collaboration Made Easy

Depending on your needs, Xeditor can be integrated into an existing web-based CCMS or CMS, connected to a database – or used in a content editing system like Xpublisher. This way, documents created with Xeditor are available digitally and centrally.

There’s no need to store locally, and you can finally stop wasting your time e-mailing documents back and forth and comparing versions. Xeditor makes it simple for everyone involved in a project to work together, and boosts security so that your sensitive data is better protected.

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The highly configurable and modern solution will help us to modernize our editorial processes, enlarge the collaboration with authors and reduce complexity driven by legacy desktop-based applications.


Sven Krantz-Knutzen
Principal Technology Project & Program Manager, Wolters Kluwer