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From Desktop To Web


From Desktop to Web


Xeditor is a professional and innovative XML editing solution - and it's web-based. Our XML editor allows you to create, edit and review structured content via any modern browser.


Unlimited Access


Work on your documents anytime and anywhere no matter your operating system. Even if the internet connection is temporarily lost, Xeditor ensures consistency with your schema in real-time.


In depth Collaboration


Comment, edit and add to your text as much as you like. Xeditor's advanced change tracking highlights every alteration in the text as well as in the XML structure and makes them visible to all users. Laborious version comparisons of separate files via e-mail become a thing of the past, giving you more time to concentrate on content. And no matter if your text ends up at one page or 1,000 pages - large document management through “lazy loading” ensures smooth viewing and editing at all times.


Technical and Intuitive Modes


For technical authors, the known tag view mode or the raw XML editor is available, while subject matter experts can enjoy a Word-like user experience. And there is more: Xeditor is extremely configurable and adapts to every standard or customized schema, both through its toolbar and its user experience. You can also extend Xeditor’s functionality with plugins such as Acrolinx, Edifix or Wiris. 


Professional Documentation & Support


Our team supports you every step of the way: From consultation and implementation to maintenance and support. Xeditor is installed on-premises and can be easily integrated into any existing content management system. Ongoing service - in close cooperation with our team - is carried out centrally by the IT department. Further, you can find the information you need in our complete documentation.


Professional XML Editing


Xeditor – Start now

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Product demo

Convince yourself how easy it is to create structured content with Xeditor in a free product demo. 

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We are happy to set up our online XML editor for you, based on your current configuration – elements, features, toolbar, schema.

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Integrate Xeditor into your CMS and your workflows. Our migration tool and our team of experts are ready to support you.

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Create, edit and review structured XML content and enjoy all the benefits of Xeditor, our online XML editor.

We are happy to support you in configuring Xeditor and pass on our knowledge to you in training courses and seminars. Thanks to its open interfaces, Xeditor can be quickly integrated into any system environment and configured for individual requirements.


Like what you see? Experience Xeditor in a free demo.

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