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Xpublisher and Xeditor get a fresh new look

This past fall, Xpublisher GmbH gave its corporate design a complete makeover and thoroughly overhauled the communication channels. The freshly updated Xpublisher logo now appears in dark blue with gray tag marks that capture the brand’s core technical nature. This clarity is mirrored on the company’s website and complements the corporate design.

“The new corporate design will be implemented with the upcoming product releases in Xpublisher and in Xeditor,” explains Matthias Kraus, Managing Director of Xpublisher. The redesign features stronger blue tones and subtly coordinated color nuances. Contrasting hues have been optimized to enhance readability, and the font size has been increased to meet the latest standards in terms of current device sizes. “The new design gives our users even greater user-friendliness,” adds Kraus.



In addition, the Xpublisher interface has also been upgraded to improve usability. It now offers a standardized search field that combines multiple functions as well as rapid access to the user account. On top of that, the icons have been reduced to create a better overview and enhance readability.



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