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ifb uses Xpublisher to produce calls for seminar proposals

The Institut zur Fortbildung von Betriebsräten GmbH & Co. KG (ifb) is now using Xpublisher to announce calls for proposals and advertise its seminars. Using the editorial system, ifb produces, manages, and publishes its content centrally and in a fully media-neutral format. The main channels include printed catalogs and its official website.

Xpublisher was brought into play right from the beginning of the redesign of ifb’s online presence. The new website was launched on March 14, 2022, with the majority of the content generated with Xpublisher. The ifb website accesses the content in the web-based editorial system using REST API, ensuring that it is always up to date. Apart from the web relaunch, the institute has already used Xpublisher to generate its “Overall Program for 2022/23,” one of its most significant and comprehensive catalogs.

“Thanks to Xpublisher, we were able to create and manage our content efficiently and migrate it to our new website with minimal effort. That made the relaunch a whole lot easier,” says Matthias Typelt, project manager at ifb.

“At Xpublisher, we are proud to be contributing to the continuing education of members from employee and advocacy groups in Germany with our web-based editorial system,” explains Xpublisher CEO Matthias Kraus.


About ifb – Institut zur Fortbildung von Betriebsräten GmbH & Co. KG

Based in Seehausen am Staffelsee, the Institut zur Fortbildung von Betriebsräten (ifb GmbH & Co. KG) is regarded as the market leader among private and union-independent seminar organizers for works councils and workers representatives in Germany. Some 170 permanent employees as well as 900 freelancers provide a broad range of training offerings covering over 260 different topics for approximately 55,000 participants per year.


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