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Despite Corona: Business as Usual

Since late 2019, the Swiss Cosmos Verlag has been using Xpublisher as an editorial system. Not a bit too early.

Step by step, companies are returning to everyday life, but at the Swiss Cosmos Verlag everything remains business as usual. While many publishers suffered massively because of the restrictions, the production of trade journals such as "Steuer Revue" and "Zoll Revue" continued without any interruption – straight from home office.

However, the original reason for implementing Xpublisher for Learning Content was a different one: production was inconsistent in the past, there were different workflows for the individual products - each depending on different partners and their systems. The desire to have full control over the publishing process - the absolute core process of any publishing house - and to be able to publish content in different channels led to the implementation of a modern editorial system. With the support of Edupartner AG and the consultant Haeme Ulrich, the system was integrated within a very short time.

Cosmos Verlag could benefit from this independence especially in the context of the COVID-19-related restrictions. With Xpublisher for Learning Content, not only is all information stored centrally at Cosmos Verlag, via web browser it is also accessible to all employees and service providers at any time and from any location - naturally also from home office. This was the basis for keeping production running even during the peak phase of the Corona crisis: Everyone involved has access to the latest version of the content at all times and teams can work together in real time, article by article, towards the next issue of a magazine. A model that definitely has a future for Cosmos Verlag: Employees should be able to organize their tasks on their own and location-independently even when they are allowed back in their offices - because in the end, it’s not the way that matters, but the result.

Even during the initial restrictions, Jürgen Weder, managing director of Edupartner AG and Marc Aeberli, managing director of Cosmos Verlag spoke with each other via video conference. In their conversation about the implementation of Xpublisher for Learning Content, both also discussed about future opportunities for the publishing industry. The whole interview can be seen here.


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