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CrossMediaForum: From book to publisher preview

"XML First, XML Last - Product First, Product Last? Different concepts for cross-media content production." This is the motto of the 23rd of be held CrossMediaForum on July 1 with exciting and innovative presentations.

in a joint webinar with Kosmos Verlag, Fabian Warta from Xpublisher will be presenting our editorial system Xpublisher. Hanna Schindütte from Kosmos tells about the challenges the publishing house faced and how the integration of Xpublisher was successfully implemented.

Xpublisher is the basis for partially or fully automated publication of books. This takes place in the background on the basis of predefined layout templates via InDesign. Thanks to professional production planning, Xpublisher offers a wide range of options for preparing content in different formats.

In this way, publishing previews can also be created automatically. Kosmos knows how this can be done quickly and efficiently. The publishing house implemented Xpublisher in 2017 and now produces a large part of its book range using the editorial system - including its own publishing previews.


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