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Technical documentation


Ensure standards compliance and content reuse for the highest quality and efficient creation with ease of use.


Technical documentation conforming to standards and guidelines


Precise and high-quality technical documentation is an essential prerequisite for the approval and sale of the respective products in many industries such as aerospace, defense, manufacturing or the software industry. The requirements for technical documentation are high: It must not only comply with all legal, industry- and company-specific regulations, but also be implemented in a short time - ideally in parallel to the product.


Efficient creation and (re)use of standardized content


Structured, standardized content significantly accelerates the creation of technical documentation, ensures high quality and thus contributes to the success of product launches and sales. This content is specified in the form of industry standard XML standards such as DocBook, DITA, S1000D, S2000M, ATA iSpec 2200 or individual schemas. The subdivision into granular information units ensures easy reuse and automatic, fast and accurate publication on all publication channels, from digital to print. Focus on the essentials through maximum efficiency - our products Xeditor and Xpublisher make it possible.


Creation of technical documentation


Xeditor validates all content immediately upon entry, thus ensuring the highest semantic quality and considerably simplifying the creation of technical documentation. Thanks to the Word-like user interface, authors do not need a profound knowledge of XML to easily generate structured content. Technical writers can use the native XML mode to edit content. Plug-ins such as Acrolinx, an AI-based platform that can read and enhance text content, also contribute to excellent content quality.


Management and publication of technical documentation


Xpublisher centrally manages all types of content for technical documentation. The online editing system enables the compilation of granular information units and ensures fast, automatic and error-free publication on all desired channels, from print to digital. The integrated BPMN workflow engine controls all processes and ensures a smooth exchange of tasks within the team.

Key Benefits

  • Strict regulatory compliance.
  • Excellent content quality and maximum reusability.
  • Efficient and intuitive usability for every author.
  • Extensive possibilities of a completely web-based editor.

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