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Scientific content


Efficient, location- and time-independent team collaboration and highly automated publishing on different channels for fast knowledge transfer.


Bibliographical consistency for specialist publications


Science and research are the basis for progress and further development. Within the framework of research projects, including diploma theses or studies, several people from different institutions often work together. The publication of the results in the form of sometimes very extensive specialist publications, including elements such as graphics, formulas or tables, takes place on a wide variety of channels. In addition to time, accurate documentation and referencing of sources and further content play an important role. For fast and consequently automated publication, excellent content and semantic quality is also required.


Automated multi-channel publishing of research results through media-neutral content


Media-neutral content ensures the efficient processing and automated provision of error-free content and ensures content uniformity and bibliographic consistency. Such content is usually specified in the form of an XML standard such as JATS, TEI or DocBook. By using structured, standardized content, multichannel publishing is easy and fast on all digital and print channels. Focus on the essentials through maximum efficiency - our products Xeditor and Xpublisher are the key.


Creation of scientific content


Xeditor validates all content as it is entered, thus ensuring the highest quality and simplifying work on scientific publications considerably. Thanks to the intuitive, Word-like user interface and intelligent authoring support, multiple people are able to work on the creation, editing and review of scientific content - even simultaneously and in real time, from anywhere in the world. In addition, various plug-ins are available for mathematical and chemical formulas and for automatic checking of sources and bibliographic references, which in turn contributes to significant time savings and outstanding content quality.


Management and publication of scientific content


Xpublisher centrally manages all types of content, including multilingual texts and assets such as photos or graphics. The online editorial system offers professional production planning, enables the compilation of interlinked granular information units and thus ensures fast, automated and error-free delivery to a wide range of channels, from print to digital. Xpublisher's integrated BPMN workflow engine ensures a full overview and smooth exchange between participants in the research project such as authors and editors. All changes are not only automatically synchronized thanks to the bidirectional interface, but can also be tracked at any time.

Key Benefits

  • Full support with references and bibliography.
  • Efficient verification and real-time collaboration, even simultaneously.
  • Intuitive user interface for all authors.
  • Automated publishing to multiple channels.

Professional XML-Editing

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Professional XML-Publishing

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