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Legal documents


Compliance with binding standards and ensuring the highest quality of content and full traceability in legal drafting, even for extremely voluminous documents.


Formally and legally correct legislative drafting


Legal writing, such as official legal and parliamentary documents or legislative texts, is subject to strict formal and legal regulations and has a binding character. The created legal documents are often very extensive. They are edited by many people, exchanged between different interest groups and published on different channels. Highest quality and traceability of content and references as well as accessibility are therefore a must. Conventional word processing programs quickly reach their limits when dealing with such complex processes and documents. A specialized legal drafting software is required.


Highly automated publishing of standardized legal content to all channels in the highest quality


Structured, standardized content ensures efficient processing, automatic delivery and publication on all digital and print channels, while maintaining data quality at the highest level. Legal documents are often specified in the form of legal XML standards such as LegalDocML, Akoma Ntoso, TEI or individual schemas. Working with structured content significantly accelerates the legal document production process. Focus on the essentials through maximum efficiency - our products Xeditor and Xpublisher make it possible.


Drafting legal documents


Xeditor, our web-based, highly customizable legislative drafting software for governments, public authorities, administrations, and other institutions, validates all content as soon as it is entered, ensuring the highest quality. With its intuitive Word-like interface, teams can create, edit and review structured legal content in parallel and in real time from anywhere in the world, with all changes trackable by all authors. In addition, references are automatically adjusted. This accelerates the creation of legally compliant content while increasing its quality. No matter which XML schema your institution uses for legal document creation - a standardized schema such as LegalDocML, Akoma Ntoso or TEI or a custom schema - Xeditor is designed for them all.



Managing and publishing legal documents


Xpublisher, our web-based legal document management software, centrally manages all types of content for legal documents. The online editorial system enables the compilation of granular information units and ensures fast, automatic and error-free publication to all desired channels, from print to digital. Its integrated BPMN workflow engine controls all processes and ensures a smooth exchange of tasks within the team.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient legal drafting and publishing.
  • Support of every XML schema - standardized as well as proprietary.
  • Strict regulatory compliance.
  • Outstanding content quality.
  • Intuitive usability for every author - no XML knowledge required.
  • Extensive possibilities of a fully web-based legal drafting software.

Professional XML-Editing

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Professional XML-Publishing

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