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Editorial content


Maximum production efficiency for all channels. Fast, highly automated development of new products as well as collaboration of teams independent of location and time.


Fast and error-free publication of editorial content


In the publishing industry, the creation and publication of editorial content of all kinds in the highest quality is of central importance. The challenges are correspondingly great: The collaboration of many authors, editors and external partners in different projects, the management of countless content and media assets, and the publication of content on a wide variety of channels - and all this in a short period of time.


Simple multichannel publishing through media-neutral content


The use of media-neutral data provides the basis for target group-oriented, rapid and cost-saving multichannel publishing. Such structured content is often specified in the form of XML standards such as JATS, JATS Bits, ParsX, Docbook, TEI or individual schemas. Media-neutral content ensures efficient processing, automatic provision and reuse of error-free content for all print and online publications. Focus on the essentials through maximum efficiency - our products Xeditor and Xpublisher are the key.


Creation of editorial content


Xeditor makes it easy to create and edit media-neutral content that is automatically available for use on all channels. The online XML editor runs in any modern browser and supports the traceable collaboration of multiple authors and editors in real time - even simultaneously and from anywhere in the world.

The intuitive, Word-like user interface including Guided Authoring, the intelligent authoring support, and plug-ins such as Acrolinx, Edifix or Wiris ensure the highest quality of content.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum production efficiency.
  • Fast development of new products.
  • Intuitive usability and real-time editing for authors, even simultaneously.
  • Access and control of the entire publication process at any time.

Management and publication of editorial content


All content is centrally managed in the Xpublisher online editorial system and enriched with other media assets such as images and graphics. Xpublisher's integrated BPMN workflow engine ensures a smooth exchange between project participants. The integrated professional production planning is the basis for partially or fully automated publications.

Xpublisher also has interfaces to desktop tools such as Adobe® InDesignTM for high-quality, layout-intensive magazines. The online editorial system synchronizes all changes in every phase of the publication process bidirectionally, including in the XML sources, thus ensuring asset consistency. Since all data is media-neutral and always up-to-date, content and assets can be individually compiled with minimal manual effort and prepared for output in a new end product, even in multiple languages.

Professional XML-Editing

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Professional XML-Publishing

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