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Software as a service

Reap the benefits of our multi-certified cloud infrastructure with Xpublisher's software as a service. Get started right away in a highly secure, carbon-neutral, highly scalable work environment.

Automated publishing

Xpublisher lets you produce your products either completely or partially automated, with output to all channels. Thanks to Adobe InDesign and PrintCSS you can create customized publications.

Digital asset management

Store all of your digital assets in a single source of truth, and enrich them with metadata customized to your needs. This lets you establish order and guarantee maximum quality.

Production planning

Xpublisher offers professional production planning for your products. Even layout-intensive projects can be edited easily thanks to a direct connection to Adobe InDesign.

Revision-secure storage

Any textual and structural changes are logged and reflected automatically. End-to-end versioning ensures that you can always track every change and restore files as needed.

Usage management

Integrated usage management allows users to preserve references and dependencies between assets. The application also displays the products in which they are used.

Version management

Regardless of language, region, brand, or output channel, Xpublisher lets you organize different versions of your content easily and coherently. 

Language management

Xpublisher supports multilingual content. Translation memory systems can be connected through an interface and integrated into the workflow management.

Standardized interfaces

Flexible connectors and well documented programming interfaces mean that you can connect Xpublisher to any application, system, or device.

Barrier-free user interface

With Xpublisher, every user works barrier-free, enabling everyone to be highly productive right away. The screen reader automatically outputs content in speech or in Braille.

Mobile access

Edit and manage your content and processes anytime, anywhere on any device. With Xpublisher, you enjoy maximum convenience while completing your tasks.

Workflow management

With integrated workflow management, you can digitalize even complex workflows in a flash. The graphical BPMN workflow editor guides you through simple configuration.

Access rights management system

Role- and user-based rights management guarantees that only authenticated and authorized users are allowed to create, update, and control content.