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All content across all channels

Generate high-quality content and make it available across all channels from a single source.

Customized to your needs

Configure metadata intuitively using drag and drop, and design workflows with a graphical BPMN editor.

Saas means it’s ready to use today

Enjoy the benefits of Xpublisher as a cloud application with certified quality and security standards.

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Create media-neutral content for a variety of channels

Create and edit your documents intuitively in the format you want, with no technical expertise required. Xpublisher organizes all of your content in a fully media-neutral format, regardless of how it will be used later.

You can focus entirely on creating high-quality content for high-impact multichannel publishing.

Author sits at the computer and creates media-neutral and cross-media content completely web-based.
Woman with laptop manages digital assets such as images, videos, and text in Content Hub.

Organize and manage all your digital assets in a single location

Xpublisher Digital Asset Management helps you optimize, organize, and maximize your content usage by enabling individually configurable metadata and establishing a single source of truth.

Use the software’s intuitive filter and search system to easily organize and locate your content in a matter of seconds. With your assets securely accessible to everyone involved, collaboration flourishes while you save time and money.

Foster creative collaboration among your teams

With integrated workflow management, you can digitalize even complex workflows. The graphical BPMN workflow editor guides you through simple configuration.

Traceable processes establish clearly defined responsibilities throughout the entire content lifecycle and create space for creative activities and collaboration.

Person creates workflow with graphical BPMN editor for optimized collaboration.
Companies publish magazines, books and other content on multiple channels.

Publish structured content easily and efficiently

Xpublisher lets you produce journals, magazines, and books either completely or partially automated, with simultaneous output to digital channels.

Thanks to seamless integration with Adobe InDesign and PrintCSS, alongside versatile configuration and application options, you can create professional and customized publications.

Unlock your content for a whole new range of channels

Flexible connectors and well documented programming interfaces mean that you can connect Xpublisher to any application, system, or device.

Cater to a broad array of channels, from online and print to mobile, e-commerce, and more. This opens up access to your content and unlocks unlimited potential applications.

Illustration of various technical interfaces from Xpublisher to several output channels.

Certificates and audits

Xpublisher is part of the Fabasoft Group. The software products and cloud services of the Fabasoft Group have received numerous international certifications and awards for reliability, data and data center security, and accessibility.

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Discover our other products

In addition to our Xpublisher publishing system, we have other helpful software products in store.

System screenshot of the Xpublisher DAM user interface in a laptop.

Xpublisher - Digital Asset Management

With Xpublisher's Digital Asset Management, you store your digital assets in a single-source-of-truth and guarantee efficient multiuse across all channels.
System screenshot of the Xeditor user interface in a laptop.

Xeditor - XML Editor

Xeditor, the professional online XML authoring tool, gives users the tools they need to create and edit structured documents intuitively in XML format.