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Web-based architecture

Xpublisher DAM is completely web-based. You can edit your assets with just one click right from the web browser in your existing desktop applications.

Single source of truth

Xpublisher Digital Asset Management lets you store your digital assets in one place, ensuring efficient content multipurposing across all channels.

Content lifecycle

Easily repurpose your content to deliver to multiple channels. This opens up access to your content and unlocks unlimited uses.

Drag and drop metadata

You can define metadata for your assets to suit your specific needs, using drag and drop to store them autonomously and strategically.

Filter and search system

An easy-to-use filter and search system using AI-based full-text search and intuitive keywording guarantees speedy and efficient access to your assets.

Asset transformation

With dynamic asset transformation image transformation is performed automatically during download or in conjunction with third-party systems.

Version management

End-to-end automatic versioning ensures that you can always track every change to your digital files easily and restore versions as needed.

Access and authorization framework

Team rooms create a clearly arranged organizational framework for assets. Share your content securely and swiftly –  within the company and externally.

Workflow management

Digitalize even complex workflows in a flash. The graphical BPMN workflow editor guides you through simple configuration.

Open interface

Flexible connectors and well-documented programming interfaces let you connect Xpublisher to any application, system, or device.