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Error-free production

In many industries, including the automotive, aerospace, software, defense, and manufacturing sectors, highly accurate and high-quality technical documentation needs to be provided before a product can be approved and sold on the market. The requirements for this documentation are stringent, and it has to be produced in the shortest possible time.

With Xeditor, you can compile your technical documentation according to XML standards such as DITA, S1000D, S2000M, ATAiSpec2200, or to your in-house schemas, and ensure compliance with legal, industry-specific, and company-specific requirements right from the start.

The web-based editor accommodates all common XML schemas, validates your input in real time, and enables the highest semantic quality along with 100% valid XML.

A person writes technical documentation on a computer and uses terms such as DITA, S1000D and XSD/DTD.
Graphical illustration of the three different editing modes in the XML editor Xeditor: WYSIWYG mode, XML Tag mode and XML Native mode.

Compose structured content intuitively

Enjoy maximum user-friendliness and efficient teamwork while preparing your technical documentation. Thanks to the intuitive, MS Word-like user interface, authors instantly feel at home and can start authoring documentation right away – with no XML skills or training required. Technical editors and XML experts can also use the native XML mode for content editing.

Everyone involved – authors, editors, graphic designers, and proofreaders – can work online on the most current version at any time, no matter where they are or what device they are using. The integrated BPMN workflow engine manages your entire production process and ensures a smooth workflow. What’s more, the change tracking and commenting features make team collaboration more convenient than ever.

Publish and (re)use standardized content efficiently

All your content is media-neutral, and is stored and managed granularly as individual text blocks or modules. This allows you to effortlessly reuse content that has already been created in new versions or in other documentation.

At the same time, you can publish your completed technical documentation or individual elements of it on all your digital and analog publication channels – quickly, automatically, and error-free. This generates unprecedented savings in terms of time and costs, while ensuring uncompromisingly high quality for all your documentation.

View of the XML editor Xeditor with granular content components such as a table, an image and a hazard statement.

Benefit from Xpublisher

Our products are successfully used in various fields of application.

Digital products

Reach your target group with innovative digital products.

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Magazines and journals

Successfully creating and publishing has never been easier.

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Establish an automated publishing process.

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Legal documents

Create lawfully sound legal documents and legislative texts.

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Financial reports

Prepare financial reports according to modern formats and standards.

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System screenshot of the Xpublisher Multichannel Publishing user interface in a laptop.

Multichannel Publishing

Benefit from our Xpublisher as a cloud application with certified quality and security standards. Create high-quality content and provide it to all channels.
System screenshot of the Xpublisher DAM user interface in a laptop.

Digital Asset Management

With Xpublisher's Digital Asset Management, you store your digital assets in a single-source-of-truth and guarantee efficient multiuse across all channels.
System screenshot of the Xeditor user interface in a laptop.

XML Editor

With Xpublisher's Digital Asset Management, you store your digital assets in a single-source-of-truth and guarantee efficient multiuse across all channels.