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Create legal texts based on XML

Draft legally sound and formal legal texts based on common XML standards such as LegalDocML, Akoma Ntoso, or an XML schema of your own design. And with real-time validation and an intuitive user interface, you don’t have to be familiar with XML to do it.

Web-based access coupled with a detailed change tracking feature and a convenient comment feature make it easier than ever for your team to collaborate.

Bronze colored Justicia statue with scales of justice stands in front of a digital XML code.
Person in suit holds a tablet on which floats the golden symbol for Scales of Justice.

Publish in the highest quality

Publish your legal texts efficiently and automatically on all digital and print channels thanks to cross-media processing. You can use the individual information units (such as text modules) quickly and easily in new documents, books, or legal texts, speeding up your production process while ensuring consistently high quality.

The well documented open interface lets you connect easily to any third-party system and ensures seamless data exchange and error-free publishing across all channels.

Choose a system based on your unique needs

Easily integrate Xeditor into your existing CMS and enjoy powerful features like a user-friendly editing mode, online access, real-time schema validation, change tracking, comments, and much more.

Or go with Xpublisher and experience a host of additional benefits for managing and publishing your content, including the integrated BPMN workflow engine, revision security for your documents, data storage inside the EU in compliance with the most stringent security standards, along with fully barrier-free accessibility. The choice is yours.

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Benefit from Xpublisher

Our products are successfully used in various fields of application.

Digital products

Reach your target group with innovative digital products.

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Establish an automated publishing process.

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Magazines and journals

Successfully creating and publishing has never been easier.

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Technical documentation

Your technical documentation - quickly, intuitively and cost-effectively.

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Financial reports

Prepare financial reports according to modern formats and standards.

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System screenshot of the Xpublisher Multichannel Publishing user interface in a laptop.

Multichannel Publishing

Benefit from our Xpublisher as a cloud application with certified quality and security standards. Create high-quality content and provide it to all channels.
System screenshot of the Xpublisher DAM user interface in a laptop.

Digital Asset Management

With Xpublisher's Digital Asset Management, you store your digital assets in a single-source-of-truth and guarantee efficient multiuse across all channels.
System screenshot of the Xeditor user interface in a laptop.

XML Editor

Xeditor, the professional online XML authoring tool, gives users the tools they need to create and edit structured documents intuitively in XML format.