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Unlock new digital products and channels

Good content is and remains fundamental to any business. But the way content reaches the reader is in a constant state of flux. Xpublisher makes it easy to publish your content across a host of digital channels, including your website, apps, EPUB, and social media, and always automatically tailored to the specifics of each output channel.

With Xpublisher, you can ensure streamlined and effective multipurposing of your content, deliver innovative digital products, and reach your target audience on the most relevant channels at all times.

Person is working on laptop and has app open on cell phone.
Woman with laptop manages digital assets such as images, videos, and text in Content Hub.

The content hub is the primary starting point

A content hub provides the basis for optimized (re)use and distribution of your content, enabling you to store and manage all of your digital assets in a clearly structured environment.

You can either create media-neutral texts directly in the integrated and user-friendly XML editor, or you can edit your texts, images, and videos in the cloud locally on your computer using familiar tools such as Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop.

Output your content using standardized interfaces

The open system architecture, featuring a comprehensively documented delivery API and numerous standardized interfaces to third-party providers, ensures that your content can be disseminated across a multitude of channels and formats.

Drawn-out and resource-intensive IT projects are a thing of the past. Publish your content easily wherever you connect with your target audience – using a system powered by leading-edge technology.

Illustration of various technical interfaces from Xpublisher to several output channels.

Benefit from Xpublisher

Our products are successfully used in various fields of application.


Establish an automated publishing process.

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Magazines and journals

Successfully creating and publishing has never been easier.

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Technical documentation

Your technical documentation - quickly, intuitively and cost-effectively.

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Legal documents

Create lawfully sound legal documents and legislative texts.

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Financial reports

Prepare financial reports according to modern formats and standards.

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System screenshot of the Xpublisher Multichannel Publishing user interface in a laptop.

Multichannel Publishing

Benefit from our Xpublisher as a cloud application with certified quality and security standards. Create high-quality content and provide it to all channels.
System screenshot of the Xpublisher DAM user interface in a laptop.

Digital Asset Management

With Xpublisher's Digital Asset Management, you store your digital assets in a single-source-of-truth and guarantee efficient multiuse across all channels.
System screenshot of the Xeditor user interface in a laptop.

XML Editor

Xeditor, the professional online XML authoring tool, gives users the tools they need to create and edit structured documents intuitively in XML format.