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Cosmos Verlag, a Swiss publishing house based in Muri bei Bern, complained of a loss of control over the production process of its publications due to numerous different systems and stakeholders. A strong partner was sought to help the publisher regain command. This partner was found in Xpublisher.


Company-Background: Publishing house with a longstanding tradition

Cosmos Verlag is an almost 100-year-old family business from Bern in Switzerland. As a classic specialist publishing house, Cosmos primarily publishes printed works on the subjects of tax, law and economics and supplements these with digital offers and events.


Challenge: Unification of production

Different products, different processes, different partners: in the past, the production of publications such as Steuer Revue and Zoll Revue was inconsistent and strongly influenced by the cooperation with external partners and their editorial systems.

With the desire to bring full control of the core process of value creation in-house and also to publish content in different channels with minimal manual effort - multichannel publishing - Cosmos Verlag decided to implement its own editorial system.


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