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The editorial system Xpublisher standardizes and structures your content for highly automated, fast and error-free multi-channel publishing. Features such a fully integrated content- and media-asset-management, page and book planning, convenient search and filter options, track changes and comment system, versioning and language management round off the system. Xpublisher offers an open and modern system architecture, in order to be able to make customer-specific adjustments easily.

Data in xml format

Media-neutral data management in XML format

Xpublisher organizes all content absolutely media-neutral in XML format and separates these as a foundation for successful multi channel publishing strictly from the publication channel. ​

Content- & media-asset-management

Management of any desired content, media, and assets

The editorial system manages and controls all content in a central content pool. Using an integrated content and media database, documents, text content, graphics, images, PDFs and many other contents are organized.

Workflow management

Configurable workflows and process flows

The integrated workflow control based on BPMN supports an easy configuration of different workflows and allows an economic production control of various media.

Page & book planning

Convenient page planning and print automation

The integrated page planning in Xpublisher is the foundation for all automated print production in order to plan, on-going monitoring and at the end easily generate the ready-for-print PDF.

Multilingual content

Language and translation management

Xpublisher supports the management of multilingual content and digital assets. The increasing internationalization requires an easy supply of different languages for different output media (web, print, mobile, apps), cooperation partners and social channels.

Usage manage system

Cross-reference for a wide range of content

Via the integrated usage management system references and dependencies between various contents are saved and clearly illustrated.

Check in - check out


The versioning makes sure that the life cycle of contents is stored including all modifications permanently and traceable. It allows the access to archived contents and offers a clear comparison of different versions.

Full text search

Extensive search and filter options

An easy to use filter and search system on the basis of full text search and intuitive tagging or indexing guarantee an efficient and quick access to the desired contents.

System of rights

Finely controlled role based system of rights

An efficient role-and user-based rights management guarantees that only authorized users depending on their scope of responsibility can create, update and manage content. ​

Track Changes

Because you should know what was changed, when it was changed and who it was changed by

All textual and structural changes made by users are independently tracked and timestamped. Changes are clearly displayed in the log area and can be accepted or rejected by existing permissions. All change steps are clearly displayed and can be analyzed during the final processing of the document.

Adobe Plugins

Direct connection to Adobe InDesign

All content can be placed directly into InDesign layouts using the integrated Adobe InDesign plug-in. Changes in InDesign or Xpublisher are taken over bidirectionally. ​

Open architecture

Robust high-end technology

Xpublisher offers a stable base system, best possible security of data and high flexibility combined in a modern system architecture. Various connectors ensure easy connections to existing systems like CMS, DMS and other relational databases.

Web-based user interface

Intuitive web-based user interface

The editorial system completely works in the browser and is independent from system and location. The user can work via Intranet or Internet from any computer with Xpublisher. ​

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