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Like textbook - just more efficient

Released on 31. January 2020

Since the beginning of the year, Munich-based Xpublisher GmbH and the Swiss Edupartner AG have been acting as cooperation partners, offering "Xpublisher for Learning Content", a modern editing and publishing system for learning content.

Two strong partners

The production of learning materials is often based on complex production processes with cumbersome correction loops. Such inflexible and time-binding processes are no longer up to the dynamics of the market. In view of the growing demands, Xpublisher GmbH from Munich together with the Swiss educational media specialist Edupartner AG began some time ago to pool their know-how and develop "Xpublisher for Learning Content".

The main benefit of this XML editing and publishing system, specialising in learning content, is its rapid implementation in a period of two to three months. There is no need for a separate IT infrastructure on the customer side. The system is integrated out-of-the-box and after a short introductory phase, the cross-media publication of learning content can begin. Subsequently, workflows, templates, users and roles are defined and configured step by step. Since the end of 2019, the system has been ready for the market and the joint development work has resulted in a cooperative partnership.

"The cooperation with Xpublisher is a stroke of luck: The combination of technical know-how, experience in the education sector and a passion for publishing are a guarantee for sustainable learning content," explains Andreas Zapfl, cross-media publishing expert at Edupartner. And Xpublisher Managing Director Matthias Kraus adds: "For us, the market for learning media is the ideal line extension for our products Xpublisher and Xeditor. With this partnership we are in a position to align and further develop our systems precisely to the needs of this target group".

With "Xpublisher for Learning Content", modern publishers automate and digitize their production in order to be able to serve very individual customer orders, even in small quantities, in different content compositions and in any media format. They focus strongly on their core competence of content development and didactics.