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Xpublisher for Learning Content: Cross-media publishing of educational content

Learning is becoming more and more individual, learning contents more and more complex. For publishers and companies in the education sector, it is becoming increasingly difficult to efficiently and flexibly meet the heterogeneous requirements using different channels and procurement methods. With these requirements in mind, Munich-based Xpublisher GmbH has developed "Xpublisher for Learning Content" together with the Swiss educational media specialist Edupartner AG.

Xpublisher for Learning Content is an editorial and publishing system specialized in learning content. It allows content to be created in a central system (single source) and made available independent of media and platform. With a data model specialized on didactic elements, the system helps to record learning media in a structured way and to manage them sustainably.

With Xpublisher for Learning Content, learning texts are entered directly in the web-based Xeditor as content units in XML and provided with metadata. The editor, which is similar to MS-Word and can be used intuitively, provides authors with tools such as titles, tables, lists and markup formats in the usual way. Various didactic elements such as introduction, examples, in-depth information or simple question types are already predefined and can be intelligently controlled in output workflows. For example, in a book production all summaries can be automatically combined at the end of a book. In addition, the learning texts can be enriched with links to media assets from the integrated media database. There, images, graphics, multimedia elements and other documents can be provided and stored with extensive metadata and license information.

One of the biggest challenges in publishing learning content is the sustainable use of the exercise material. Both analogue and digital products must be able to access exercises intelligently. With Xpublisher for Learning Content, question types can be created directly via an editor and can be stored as XML units with their own metadata. QTI (Question and Testing Interoperability) is one of the tools used for this purpose and is natively supported by leading learning management systems. Xpublisher for Learning Content thus enables the efficient creation of sustainably structured learning content and an automatable production of educational media. The system supports many requirements out of the box. 

The Edupartner AG

Edupartner enables educational providers, publishers and professional associations to tap the full potential of educational content. As a media producer, system integrator and mail-order bookseller, Edupartner supports its customers in the production, distribution, procurement and use of educational content. Edupartner AG is a subsidiary of Kalaidos Bildungsgruppe Schweiz.