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Xeditor v6.11.0: Xeditor got a new Look


Created on 02. December 2021

Neuer Look

In the last weeks we have been working intensively on the new version of our Xeditor. With version 6.11.0 Xeditor gets an overall styling rework for a cleaner and more modern look, in line with our corporate design.

The new layout includes stronger blue tones and finely tuned color nuances. Furthermore, contrasts have been optimized for better readability and visibility of markings and selection. The newly designed layout increases the user-friendliness for the users.


The two video demos provide a first glimpse.

In the first video we show how the new Xeditor behaves in tag mode. In addition, we illustrate the comment and track-changing function.

Check out the first video.


In the second video we demonstrate how to insert tables, images or formulas - both in the intuitive and the XML interface.

Check out the second video.