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Edifix: Bibliographic online solution


Created on 05. May 2021

Edifix und Xpublisher Logo symbolisieren die Standardintegration von Edifix in die Software

Xpublisher's module-based architecture enables easy connection with third-party systems via integrated interfaces. One of these systems with which Xpublisher successfully cooperates is Edifix, an online bibliographic solution for publishers and media houses.

An essential part of book production is the bibliographic documentation of source information. But editing and formatting is time-consuming and error-prone – because different manuscripts require different reference styles. Edifix supports by automatically formatting reference entries in a variety of common styles.

Thanks to Edifix's integration within the Xpublisher editorial system, you can meet style requirements during book production, ensure accuracy, provide links to cite sources, and save time. Insert your reference information into the input mask, select the preferred style and Edifix will take care of creating the correct source citation in no time, which you can easily transfer into Xpublisher.

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