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The content distribution of the future: cloud-based content distribution software for publishers

Matthias Kraus

Created on 29. July 2021

Cloud and megaphone.

Digitalization is radically reshaping the media landscape, and offering enormous potential for publishers along with it. Through a host of new channels, content is delivered effortlessly and instantly – straight to the reader. Yet these developments also create significant challenges for media companies.

They’re now tasked with preparing their content in such a way that it can be distributed in multiple formats and then published on different platforms for each particular target group.


Making relevant content the core focus of the content publishing strategy

Publishers can tackle this challenge most effectively with a “content first” strategy. With a content first approach, the focus is not on the medium as such, but instead on creating content that is media neutral. Using the multichannel principle, content that is structured, semantically enriched, and centrally stored can be distributed and reused automatically on a variety of channels.

Efficient multichannel publishing relies on the use of the right editorial system. But installing conventional software is often associated with a great deal of administrative effort. Server structures, IT systems, and digital expertise need to be established before companies can even get started. This bogs things down before they even get off the ground, while complicating and adding time to the process of ensuring secure, stable operation.


Finding answers in the cloud

But if you think that publishers are going to have to turn into IT companies, you’re making things too complicated. All it takes is an established content-first strategy that sidelines costly IT outlay with the support of a solid digitalization and technology partner capable of responding specifically to their needs.

Cloud-based publishing systems can help slash a huge share of the administrative workload. They’re not only flexible and easy to integrate, they’re also secure, scalable, stable, and cost-efficient. And they don’t require an unwieldy in-house server structure for integration. In fact, access to the Internet is all you need to start using the system. This way, publishing houses and media companies keep their focus squarely on producing relevant content.


Xpublisher, the cloud-based content distribution software

Unlike best of breed, Xpublisher is a solution based on perfectly aligned core components. This cloud-based publishing system provides a way to create media-neutral content intuitively. The system uses metadata to deliver structured content management and content organization, independent of the content’s subsequent use – for efficient multichannel publishing. The web-based architecture also facilitates effortless, location-independent collaboration – even across teams.

And best of all: With Xpublisher, media companies have access to a flexible out-of-the-box cloud solution that eliminates any need for in-house server infrastructures, hosting providers, or skilled IT specialists.

Seamless deployment processes minimize the time and effort associated with integrating the publishing system into the Xpublisher infrastructure. And all the updates are handled centrally by the experts. With a dedicated data center and operation in a private cloud, Xpublisher also delivers maximum security for managing both data and processes.

What does that mean for publishers? Rather than trying to cater to external constraints, they can stop getting distracted by tech demands and invest their resources fully in their core business – content.


Learn more about our publishing system and it's benefits on our Xpublisher product page.