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Pubiz meets Innovation - with Matthias Kraus

26. November 2021, 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


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The Future of Document Creation and Distribution

The way we prepare and publish documents, magazines or books in the future will change fundamentally. A radical paradigm shift in the industry is upon us. No, actually it is already in full progress!

This is not only the opinion of industry expert Matthias Kraus, but is also supported by well-known research institutions such as Forrester and their analysts. For example, Principal Analyst Cheryl McKinnon and her team write the following in the Forrester report "The Future of Documents":

"Document authoring is ready for its moment of disruption".

We as Xpublisher have decoded the formula for future document creation and distribution and are already preparing our customers and partners for the future of publishing.

But what exactly does this paradigm shift look like? What awaits us? How can publishers best position themselves for the future?

In the "Pubiz meets Innovation" talk series, management consultant Ehrhardt F. Heinold meets innovation leaders once a month on Fridays for a 30-minute dialog about current projects and topics that are moving the industry forward. This time: Matthias Kraus, CEO of Xpublisher.

Free participation in the talk series is enabled by Xpublisher itself.

Normally, as a participant, you pay a fee that includes participation and access to the recordings. In this case, the costs are covered by Xpublisher. Please note: The talk will be held in German.