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CIDM: New ways of publishing with DITA

10. June 2021, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


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Webinar CIDM


Join us on June 10th for an exciting webinar on DITA publishing – sponsored by CIDM. At 5 pm CEST Thomas Werzmirzowsky will present Xpublisher our online editorial system.

The Xpublisher editorial system organizes every piece of content – regardless of how it will be used later – to provide fast, error-free, and highly cost-effective multichannel digital and print publishing. Preparing your content for a variety of formats and channels couldn’t be easier.

In this webinar Thomas Werzmirzowsky will present new ways of DITA integration with Xpublisher. Xpublisher offers the best possible data quality with XML-based data management and is a pioneer for the challenges of the future by presenting new solutions: the simple creation, management and publication with DITA.