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Digitalize complex workflows

The workflow engine takes care of performance-intensive and time-consuming processes for you. In Xpublisher, these processes can run in series or in parallel, and can be triggered automatically or manually through user input.

A workflow diagram displays the current status. With this approach, for instance, your book and magazine production runs automatically in the background, and you manage your team’s content creation and publishing processes sustainably.

Person types something on laptop and a workflow diagram hovers over keyboard
Man creates a digital process on a laptop using the graphical workflow editor app

Graphical BPMN workflow editor

Xpublisher lets users customize the integrated workflow engine right inside the program. You can define your own actions based on the BPMN standard and flexibly customize the work steps to match your requirements. The graphical BPMN workflow editor guides you through the simple customization process.

What’s more, you can use predefined actions – including automatic notifications and duplicate checks for image uploads. You can even implement your own business logic.

A focus on teamwork

The ability to assign content and tasks digitally translates into added flexibility that boosts your team’s productivity and encourages location-independent cooperation, even across departments. With your personalized worklist – your very own to-do list – you have an instant overview of all your pending tasks, together with the status of the overall process.

Say goodbye to confusing back-and-forth e-mail threads, manual task distribution, and never-ending approval processes, and enjoy the clarity and simplicity of professional workflow management.

Six people put their fists together and symbolize teamwork

Make your work easier

Benefit from the numerous advantages of our innovative software solutions.

Highly secure SaaS

Enjoy the benefits of the Fabasoft cloud infrastructure.

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Low-Code / No-Code

Customize Xpublisher according to your needs.

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Standardized interfaces

Integrate Xpublisher smoothly via flexible APIs.

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Barrier-free user interface

Work barrier-free without any limitations.

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Revision-secure version management

Compare different versions of your documents and assets.

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Mobile accessibility

Work independently of time, location and device via app or web.

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Discover our innovative products

System screenshot of the Xpublisher Multichannel Publishing user interface in a laptop.

Multichannel Publishing

Benefit from our Xpublisher as a cloud application with certified quality and security standards. Create high-quality content and provide it to all channels.
System screenshot of the Xpublisher DAM user interface in a laptop.

Digital Asset Management

With Xpublisher's Digital Asset Management, you store your digital assets in a single-source-of-truth and guarantee efficient multiuse across all channels.
System screenshot of the Xeditor user interface in a laptop.

XML Editor

Xeditor, the professional online XML authoring tool, gives users the tools they need to create and edit structured documents intuitively in XML format.