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About Us

We are Xpublisher

The experts for structured content and multichannel publishing.

Our mission

Both the nature of content creation and the media landscape itself are undergoing radical change – companies need to create tailored content in increasingly shorter timeframes and publish it on an ever-growing number of channels. With Xpublisher and Xeditor, we deliver turnkey solutions to help you master these challenges – so you can create content efficiently and publish it automatically. Whether your content delivery involves print, web, mobile, or other digital channels – preparing and storing content in a media-neutral format makes it possible to deliver it automatically to a whole range of platforms. This kind of “content first” approach is one we pursue unreservedly.

We firmly believe that people – and the interplay of combined efforts and interaction – are at the heart of every company. To support their everyday work, their collaborative and communicative endeavors, we supply them with the most suitable tools. It’s the users that are our number one priority, and as such, so is our software’s usability. Our solutions are so user-friendly and effortless to operate that you don’t need to grapple with the technology “behind” them.

Through this unique experience of purely intuitive usability, we aim to revolutionize the content world. After all, authors should have the freedom to focus entirely on creating their best, top-quality content. We are proud to be providing intuitive solutions for structured content.

Our Story

Xpublisher GmbH is founded by Matthias Kraus and Thomas Werzmirzowsky.
Its bedrock is our vision to optimize and automate content creation and publishing processes to make them more efficient. 
From this underlying idea, two products have emerged – Xpublisher and Xeditor.


Launch of our product Xpublisher – our all-in-one editorial system for multichannel publishing. Leading names in the publishing and media industry such as Holtzbrinck, Heise, and Kosmos, agree with us and endorse our vision of multichannel publishing.


Launch of our product Xeditor – our web-based stand-alone XML editor for creating structured content easily.


Xpublisher goes international – formation of Xpublisher Inc, our US subsidiary. We can now serve North American customers such as AT&T and the Government of Canada more directly and effectively. Even the Executive Office of the President of the United States relies on Xpublisher’s system solutions.


The listed company Fabasoft AG joins Xpublisher GmbH as a strategic partner to drive further international growth. Fabasoft AG contributes years of experience in business process digitalization along with a compelling range of solutions in the field of cloud technology and managed hosting. This partnership guarantees ongoing investment in our products and technologies. Our customers can be confident that our products will be developed continually to remain future-proof.


ISO 9001:2015 certification by TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GmbH – Xpublisher GmbH and Xpublisher Inc. obtain a globally recognized proof of quality in the company.


Xpublisher GmbH continues to grow – we open our branch office in Deggendorf, Germany.

Our values

We combine the best of both worlds:

The flexibility, agility, and hands-on mentality of a technology start-up where innovation is part and parcel of the business. Coupled with the professionalism, reliability, and unwavering commitment to quality that comes with being a well-established digitalization partner.

We put our passion for cutting-edge technologies into practice and continuously strive to deliver the perfect solutions to meet the needs and ambitions of our customers from a broad spectrum of industries.

We love the challenges of our fast-paced industry and tackle them with profound expertise that we’ve accumulated through years of working hand-in-hand with the users of our products.

We’re staying the course and working closely with our customers to continuously improve the company and its products. Our modern and open architecture guarantees maximum flexibility and adaptability to ensure the greatest customer satisfaction.

Our enthusiastic team is always available to assist our customers with any questions they may have.

Fabasoft - our strategic partner

Fabasoft AG, a company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, has been our strategic partner since 2019. Based in Linz, Austria, Fabasoft is one of Europe’s leading software manufacturers and cloud service providers, specializing in the digitalization of document-intensive business processes.

The involvement of Fabasoft allows us to pursue rigorous, forward-looking development for our technologies and solutions. We benefit from their long-standing cloud expertise and their international network. As a result, we can introduce new product features and ideas effectively. That gives us the chance to turn our entrepreneurial vision of unlimited multichannel publishing into a global reality.

The Fabasoft Code of Conduct:

As business partners of Xpublisher, which is part of the Fabasoft Group, contractors accept the purchasing terms and conditions of Fabasoft AG and its subsidiaries and all associated agreements, including the Fabasoft Code of Conduct for Contractors – see

Fabasoft Guideline for Information Security:

Fabasoft has made a binding commitment to data protection and information security with the adoption of the Fabasoft Guideline for Information Security as part of the overall Fabasoft strategy. The Guideline for Information Security communicates the significance of information security, Fabasoft’s information security targets, the organisation of its information security management as well as the security measures taken and its efforts to ensure continuous improvement in the field of information security.

The Fabasoft Guideline for Information Security is available for Download (PDF): Fabasoft Guideline for Information Security

Our technology partners

We work closely with leading software companies to provide Xpublisher and Xeditor with a diverse range of feature enhancements through interfaces.

  • Adobe
    Adobe InDesign integration: A solution for editing content directly in InDesign and for layout placement.


  • Edifix
    Automatic formatting: An online bibliographic solution to ensure uniform standards for references in Xpublisher and to meet international citation requirements.


  • Acrolinx
    Understandable content: A solution for standardizing content based on company-specific standards. This means that the content reflects the brand and the strategy of the entire company.


    Equation editor MathType: A solution for creating mathematical formulas in documents and content in a simple and graphically appealing way.


  • PrinceXML
    HTML to PDF: A solution for automated creation of PDF documents.


  • ParsX
    XML software modules for the publishing industry: solution for typesetting, electronic publishing and cross-media workflows.


  • Le-Tex
    Publishing Service: Solution for media-neutral preparation and publication of manuscripts.

We look forward to your message by e-mail.


Convene 3rd floor, 311 West Monroe Street, 

Chicago, IL 60606, USA



Schleißheimer Straße 6-10,

80333 Munich, Germany

+49 (0)89 54726178-0


Ulrichsberger Straße 17, Building G1

94469 Deggendorf, Germany

+49 (0)89 54726178-0