Xeditor release 5.0

Just in time for the holiday season, we are proud to announce the release of Xeditor 5.0. Track changes and comments are displayed more clearly. Integrations and customizations are easier than before.

Collaborative review

Xeditor 5.0

All track changes and comments now appear contextually in boxes next the text to ensure authors never get lost when editing gets complicated. In addition, the editor supports threaded comments so that authors and reviewers can reply to each other's comments or suggestions.


While Xeditor almost exclusively uses the main languages of the web (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS), there are some tasks that require other services as well. In the new version of Xeditor, all of these services are now handled with a middleware layer (Blackbox) so that each integration (e.g., .NET, Python, Java, etc.) may be simplified and updates made much easier.

Node and npm

Xeditor is now deployed via npm and our demo package is written in Node.js. This means that to get an update, you just need to run "npm update".