Municipal communication

Would you like to communicate as a community more with its citizens, include them more and more in political dialog and encourage civic engagement? The citizens expect from you increasingly more news and join-in portals, but also printed citizen magazines or official journals. The Internet presences have to be maintained successfully with some thousand visitors per day and a huge number of authors and editors. Magazines also have to be printed without a considerable additional expense.

Xpublisher, the web-based XML editorial system guarantees process support during planning, the editorial elaboration and creative development up to final publishing of your online portals and printed magazines. With Xpublisher authors and readers generate contents based on XML. The editorial system manages them and their corresponding assets like pictures and forms absolutely media neutral, so that they are automatically present without additional expense in the online portal or in printed magazine.

Photo: "Close-up of folded newspapers" Copyright: mitrija, fotolia

Our key features:

Usability first

The intuitive user navigation and input tool similar to Word require no technical or XML knowledge. Additional training is unnecessary.

Collaboration of geographically distributed authors and readers

Via web technologies, Xpublisher guarantees you place, time and platform independent work. Thereby allowing you and several authors to work parallel on the same document at different places and avoid unnecessary correction rounds.

User generated content

Any reader can log in anywhere in Xpublisher and create user generated content. The dialog is strengthened and the reader is included in the content creation.

Magazine generated online

With the integrated web page planning, contents can be placed via drag and drop in layout and print-ready PDF files created.

Always up-to-date

SEO, usability and functions are being developed constantly. You will always have the latest version of the software and profit from our experts and the feedback of other customers.